Welcome to JB's Sensational Seasonings

Welcome to JB's Sensational Seasonings, where our flavors are bold and our kitchen is the epitome of rustic charm (with a hint of bougie, of course). Established in 2023, nestled in the rugged San Juan Mountains of Pagosa Springs, CO, our kitchen is the stuff of legends—or at least, we like to think so.

Our handcrafted seasonings, designed for grinders, aren't just for enhancing game meats—they're for transforming everything from prime cuts to roasted vegetables, pastas to marinades, salad dressings to rubs, and even fresh fruit, into culinary masterpieces that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance with a shake a butt, or is that just me?

Inspired by a love of flavors (and maybe a few too many glasses of wine and whiskey), our journey began with humble gifts for friends—because who doesn't love a homemade seasoning blend as a gift, right?

Thanks to my hunter husband's penchant for bringing home prized hunts, from big horned sheep to mountain goat (seriously, you read that right! Who needs a grocery store when you've got him?), we've become the go-to for feeding hunters from all corners of the country. And now, we're taking over the world, one seasoning blend at a time, because why should hunters have all the fun?

But don't let our rustic charm fool you—we've got a little bit of bougie thrown in for good measure. After all, who says a kitchen can't be both down-to-earth and a tad fancy? We're making it easy for you to order grinders and a perfect refill package right here.

So, whether you're a hunter, a cowboy, a fisherman, or just someone who appreciates a damn good seasoning blend, come join us in our kitchen of love. We promise sarcasm, jokes, and flavors that'll knock your socks off—what more could you ask for?